JimBot is a 99% virtual company, aside from monthly hackathons where we meet face to face, work, socialize, and eat pizza! Currently JimBot, Inc employs 2 full time developers:

My name is Ryan Mullen and I have been working as a computer programmer in the retail industry for ten years. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and children. Besides my family and work, my third passion is music, of which I enjoy traveling to see live shows.

I am a Senior Developer at JimBot Gym Technologies, currently working on the mobile front-end. In time, I expect to contribute to the development of most, if not all, facets of the technology. I am excited to be a part of such a great development team.

Hi I’m Tony Kelly

Self taught developer, I originally studied graphic design from Sullivan School of Technology and Design, in Louisville KY. I came with Jimbot through a part time position and plan on helping with graphics and mobile development.

Outside of Jimbot, I am a Pit-bull loving, kung-fu flick fanatic who just loves being creative whenever possible. I love to airbrush and paint, and digitally find my self playing with animation libraries like Greensock Animations or drawing my own out with Adobe Animate.