About Us

JimBot Gym Technologies, Inc provides general admission gyms with software services for their staff as well as an application for their gym members. The application brings gym members into a virtual community where they can initially interact with each other. Our gym management software collects data from the application and generates back office reports for gym management; allowing gyms to increase customer service and membership retention.

Edgar Hilton


Responsible for setting strategy and direction, modeling the company’s culture, values, and behavior, building and leading the senior executive team, and allocating capital to the company’s priorities.

Dana Tang

Founder/VP of Tecnology

Responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company, directing all interns/employees in IT and IO departments to attain our company’s strategic goals.

Jenn Moorhead

Founder/VP of Marketing

Responsible for marketing activities, brand management, company culture development, marketing communications, market research, sales management, product development, pricing, and customer service.